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Company that belongs to Grupo Jorge, within its fertilizer division.

Grupo Jorge is one of the largest meat groups in Europe, with renowned prestige and presence in the pork sector for more than 75 years, which has developed an innovative organo-mineral and natural fertilizer, with organic farming certification. 


The exclusive industrial process carried out at our facilities provides absolute health guarantees, as well as full uniformity and traceability of raw material. 


At Grupo Jorge we are developing, with our own raw materials, high quality food and nutritional products. 

Hemostar Proteico is part of our development, an effective and sustainable solution that we make available for you, to your crops improvement, and which ties in with our maxim of protection and preservation of the Environment. 

Four Reasons HEMOSTAR


Because it is produced with 100% food use raw materials.


Because yield and quality are increased.


Because plants and soil are fully protected from stress, FertiCare System.


Because an eco-friendly and zero waste product is guaranteed.

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