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Nutrientes de Aragon, SL is a Grupo Jorge company dedicated to the use of pork by-products for their transformation into protein hydrolysates, high-performance organic fertilizers and biodynamic preparations.
 The industrial process of making HEMOSTAR PROTEIN is integrated into the Group's slaughterhouse facilities in the town of Zuera.
The raw material of our product is subjected to the same veterinary checks as the slaughterhouse which, along with the fully automated transformation process with agri-food inspection and certification, guarantee full uniformity, traceability and safety to our product.

brings natural and balanced nutrients,
easy absorption by both root and leaf. This allows the plants to carry out all their metabolic processes and thus optimize the productive potential, improving both the production and the final quality of the product.

The continued use of HEMOSTAR PROTEIN helps the plant to overcome periods of greater stress caused by biotic and/or abiotic factors.



HEMOSTAR PROTEIN makes available to the plant macro and micro-nutrients present in a non-assimilable form in the soil.

The high-quality organic matter from HEMOSTAR PROTEIN is the perfect support from which the bacterial flora present in the rhizosphere is nourished and whose role is essential in the control of root assimilation.

HEMOSTAR PROTEIN enhances the performance and permanence of other phytosanitary products, allowing the necessary doses to be reduced.

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